yarn covered hangers

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Dated : October 15, 1998 at 00:52:05
Subject: Re: yarn covered hangers

Got a few hanging around still.
Was thinking of showing g-kids how gg-granny did them...
Tie onto the 'base' of the hook
Use a blanket stitch* or half-hitch [nautical name+] to wrap the rest of the hanger around to the base of the hook.
Finish the hook off in the same manner or 'whip' [another nautical term++] the hook base for a nice finish.
*Blanket stitch - Wrap yarn under wire, leaving loop above, thread yarn THROUGH loop and pull snuggly to wire.
Follow same procedure for rest of stitches. You will have a raised line above the wire.
NOTE: Pictures of this stitch can be found in most sewing books.
+Half hitch - is the same procedure as above.
NOTE: Pictures can be found in most Scouting books or knot tying books found under nautical in the library.
++Make a 2 inch loop up the base of hook, snip leaving a 2 inch 'tail'.
Wrap yarn about 1 to 1.5 inches around hook base towards the loop and hook.
When the area is covered with the wound yarn, snip yarn, leaving a 1 inch tail.
Thread yarn THROUGH the loop and gently pull the 'tail' until the loop pulls the end into
- BUT NOT THROUGH - the 'wound' part. Snip the tails.
NOTE: You can also find this illustrated in any knot tying book as 'Whipping' ends of a rope - to keep them from unraveling.

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Dated : October 19, 1998 at 15:02:02
Subject: yarn covered hangers, revisited

####What a neat memory you brought back! Thanks karen!
I can remember making these when I was a kid.
My inovative brother, decided the single wire hanger was still too flimsy, even after being covered, so he tied two
of the hangers together at ends and around the neck of the hanger, using the same yarn, before he wrapped them.
It is true, they were much stronger. -------sure hated to admit that my little brother was "right"-----but then, he usually was.
bye Bonny (Granny)#-------*

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