Sweatshirt Jacket

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I do this all the time for people who have the kangaroo pullover fleece jackets.
My last customer said it took 3 of them to get the jacket off over her head so that was it for her.
She brought the jacket to me the next day.
The only thing I would add to Karen's directions is, when applying the zipper it is common for the sweat fabric to be curved and stretch some.
I zigzag the outer edge of the zipper to the edge of the fabric first to stablize it.
This allows you to adjust the amount you have to tuck in with the fabric in order to make it so the zipper will fit properly.
After it is zigzaged then use your zipper foot to do the stiching close to the zipper.
Now zip up the zipper and make sure the other side is going to match.
Pin the zipper and ribbing part where it is in the same place as the side already stitched down.
Doing it now means you won't have to rip it out to line it up again.
Pin also at the neck where the ribbing is.
Now open zipper and stitch down making sure you don't stretch or pull the fabric while sewing.
Otherwise your edges won't match.
Now you can topstitch both sides of the zipper down the front.
But here again you watch that both sides match.

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