Crocheted Slippers

I did several different ones (from a couple of Leisure Arts books for slippers).

The most *popular* ones were the ones I made from granny squares:

1 large granny and, I think, 4 smaller ones for each foot (this is when I got sick of granny squares :-). The *easiest* ones I did I made up myself, and you'll have to experiment with different size hooks and different lengths for different size feet I worked each slipper lengthwise, starting at *, increasing on subsequent rows till close to the half-way point, then levelling off for a few rows, then decreasing till original length (sides A and B should be the same length because they will be joined across the top of the foot; size C and D should be the same length because they are the sides of the slipper; side E will be folded in half and stitched for the back of the foot).

To decide how many rows, experiment with your favorite hook (I like H). [By the way, this is all with regular acrylic yarn, not baby yarn.] You can whip one slipper out in 1/2 hour (I'm guessing here; I don't really remember) so you can do lots of mind-changing and tearing back without wasting a lot of time. Keep trying it up against your own foot and keeping track (writing down the number of stitches). Once you've got one that fits YOU, you can extrapolate other sizes. (I don't exactly remember, but the number 40 rings a bell with me for the length of the starting chain; I wear a 7 1/2 shoe.)

Now for the stitch: to get the ribbing, stretchiness, and thickness (cushioning) that you need in a slipper, I used HDC (half-double-crochet) IN THE BACK LOOPS ONLY of the preceding row.
The back-loops-only part is very important! Try it both ways (not in back loops) and you'll see what a difference it makes.

Finishing: Fold and stitch side E (you probably don't even have to end off your yarn if you wind up at point +); then stitch side A to side B.

Decoration, if desired: with contrasting color, do a row of SC (single crochet) around the top, then for the next row do a scalloped stitch (if memory serves, 1 sc in next stitch, 6 dc in next stitch, 1 sc in next stitch, 6 dc in next stitch, etc) to make a ruffle. You can put a tassel or other decoration on the toe, if desired also.

You will be amazed how fast these slippers go once you get rolling.

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