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Dated : August 01, 1999 at 21:43:49
Subject: Re: shawl

Another idea for a super simple shawl is the rectangle shawl.
I make these for the elderly confined to wheelchairs.
They are easy for the care giver to put on and not too fussy or bulky.
They can be knitted, crocheted or sewn. You can even use nice towels.
If these are made 16 to 24" in width they cover most shoulders and upper backs.
Measure from the wrist up the arm across the back down the other arm to the wrist.
Divide this in half minus a few inches for the fronts. Stitch fronts to back starting at the wrist end.
Leave the last 6 to 10" unstitched. This can be pulled together across the chest.
You could also add a large loop and button to the fronts.

This makes it easier for the wearer to fasten themselves with stiff hands.
Even kids can do these using the blanket stitch for a first sewing project.
You can leave the wrist end open or you can taper or even slightly gather the opening so they don't gape too much
if the wearer is reaching for things. It's super simple but they are effective.
Just one more idea to throw into the pot!~Norma Lacey

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