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Cyndy posted Message 1228 in the CraftPals Recycling BB
Dated : November 02,
Subject: recycling serger scraps

I recycle my serger thread scraps and cut off fabric bits.
I cut up some gold thread.
You can then use a pencil and push into a clear ornament.
I also put in a few gold beads.
I not only have a use for the scraps from serging, but, I have a keepsake ornament.
The first one I did was of scraps I had from my sons quilt.

Didn't know if this should have been on the sewing, ornaments or recycling BBs. ; }

Cindy..if it's a craft..any where you like..Luci.

Also I have a friend that does needlework and she collects
leftovers threads and puts them in a glass ball, with a gold pen she writes the year.
Great idea Cindy.!

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