Ruffles the Clown


This clown can be made in many color combinations.To change his size add more discs to make his arms,legs,and body longer.There are alos lots of different clown head available.The overall length of this clown is 9 ".

4ply knitting worsted in 3 colors (I like 2 colors for mine) size H hook
4, 1 1/2 " pom-poms--buy ready made or make your own.
3" clown head
Jingle bell..opt.(I don't use these if for babies)

Rw 1: Ch 6,join to form a ring,ch 3.
Rw 2: 16 dc in ring.Sl st to join.Fasten off.
Make 10 disc for each leg,8 for each arm,and 10 for the body.Use the colors yo have chosen equally,alternate colors when you string the discs.

1. Legs: Cut two 12" pieces of string.Tie a pom-pom to one end of each piece.
String 10 discs on each string for legs.

2. Body: Thread the same two strings through 10 discs for the body.
Poke holes through the front and back of clown head along the bottom edge.
Tie the strings into these holes.

3. Cut 2 more pieces of string for the arms.Tie a pom-pom to one end of each piece.String 8 discs to each string.Tie the end of each string to the strin that are attached to head.

Rw 1: Ch18,dc in 3rd ch from hook;dc in each ch stitch.(16 dc made)
Rw 2: Ch 3,turn;2dc in each dc.
Rw 3: Ch 3,turn;4dc in each dc.Fasten off.
Rw 4: Attach a contrasting color,ch1,sc in each dc all around.Fasten off.

Rw 1: ch 11,dc in 3rd ch from hook,dc in each ch.
Rw 2: ch 3,turn;1dc in next dc,2dc in next dc,dc in next 3dc,2dc in dext dc, 1dc in next 2dc.
Rw 3: ch3,turn;1dc in next 2dc,2dc in next dc,1dc in next2dc, 2dc in next dc, 1dc in next 2dc, 2dc in next dc, dc to the end.
Rw 4: ch3,turn;1dc in next 2dc, 2dc in next dc, dc in next 3dc, 2dc in next dc 1dc in next 3dc, 2dc in next dc, dc to the end.
Rw 5: ch3,turn;dc across but work 2dc in every other 3rd dc.
Rw 6: ch 3,turn;dc across but work 2dc in every other dc. Fasten off.Attach a contrasting yarn and work 3dc in each dc.Fasten off. Sew up seam. Attach jingle bell.Glue hat to the head.

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