Rag Rug Afghan

Title: Rag rug afghan
'Rag-rug' Afghan (a multi colored crocheted afghan to use up all those scraps... heavy weight. Looks sort of like a rag rug when it's finished. Originally saw the idea in an old BH&G.
This version makes a good couch throw and when made with Sayelle type yarns is machine washable and dryable.) Directions are *very* general.

Difficulty catagory:
Super Simple
Materials: *lots* of off-white worsted weight yarn.. mixing non-matching dye lots and even different brands won't matter, but don't mix wool, etc with Sayelle.
A couch size (6 x 5 foot) took about 14 skeins.

Odds and ends of various colored worsted weight yarn to equal the amount of off-white - the more colors, the better. You can even use 2 strands of sport yarn in place of 1 strand of worsted weight.

Equipment: Size 'P' crochet hook (probably the only important part of the directions.. a 'K' hook makes it too tight and stiff, a 'Q' too loose, besides being a hard size hook to handle.)

With one strand of white and one strand of colored yarn, make a chain as long as you want the afgan wide. Single crochet in the 2nd ch (1st chain becomes the turning ch 1) from hook and in each chain across. Chain 1, turn.

Sc (single crochet) in each sc, ending with sc in the turning ch 1. (note: if you miss the last sc in the turning ch 1, the afgan will become progressively narrower.)

Repeat last row, changing colored yarn as desired or when a ball runs out. To change colors, tie the two pieces of yarn together in an overhand knot leaving 2 to 3 inch ends.
Continue working until the knot is up against the hook. Stretch the loose ends of yarn along the top of the previous row and work over them as you proceed to sc in each sc. Trim off any tag ends sticking out afterwards.

Keep going until you're out of yarn or it's the length you want, whichever comes first.

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