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Subject: Re: Question about crazy-quilting...

When crazy quilting I sew it by machine and use the fancy top stitches on the seam lines.
I sew the pieces on the therma-lam
(it's like a felted bat and very thin but stable).
If I have a pattern piece, I cut the bat to that and build the crazy quilt to fit.

Start nearly anywhere in an open space with a dark, five sided piece of fabric scrap and build on all sides with random pieces or scraps...sort of in proportion to the size of your project.

After you've finished your piecing, then do your fancy stitching.

You can crazy quilt the one side and use a plain lining or some such on the other side.

Happy stitching! I sometimes put small doilies or lace over the pieces for a little more interest.

It's also a great way to show off keepsake hankies or old lace.

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Dated : April 03, 1999 at 12:47:20
Subject: Easy String Quilting (or strip quilting)...

Ever since we got to talking about group sewing projects a while back, I've been trying to recall this quick easy method of machine quilting which a group I worked with years ago used. Think it was called "string quilting." Anyone here ever heard of it?

Of course you don't use real string, LOL! You cut a whole bunch of fabric strips of various widths & lengths.

Each quilt block (fairly large) was made "whole" one at a time, by machine-sewing each fabric strip diagonally one after the other directly to a piece of very thick puffy batting on top of a square of thin muslin or sheeting.

Then all the individual squares were sewn together --all diagonals facing same way, or varied in any interesting manner. A separate backing was attached to cover the raw seams from the sewn-together squares.

I think, to attach the loose backing to the front, you could go over all or part of the thing with hand-quilted designs, or embroider in a few spots, or machine-quilt design or stitch a few simple straight squares or diagonals, or put in some of those "yarn" ties, and so on.

Then some type of fairly narrow border of fabric, wide ribbon, etc was attached.

If I recall the process correctly, this was really fast and easy to make, especially for a group of not-really-sewing-experts. The resulting quilt was comfy, looked pretty, was practically indestructible & super-machine-washable. Great for kids or as a frequently-used lap quilt for anyone.

Good way to use up lots of either different or related prints & solids, since the fabric mix (along with that quite-puffy "ribbed effect") was mostly what made the very simple diagonal design interesting.

Anyone here know if that's even the right name for this kind of quilt? I seem to have lost the book or whatever I once had years ago with the actual directions.

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