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Well, ladies, this is one I kinda got the hang of. Notice, I said "kinda!" LOL!!!

The 1st thing is you have to have a very TIGHTLY woven piece of fabric [200 threads per square inch, or better] as the base secured in an adjustable hoop, playing with the tension of fabric - opposite to latch hook rugs where the bigger the mesh, the better.

The 2nd thing is you have to PLAY with the number of strands of embroidery floss, mettalic thread, silk [slippery] thread, etc., that you want to use. I use 3 strands say 50 weight cotton thread, chosen for color. Next time I would use something with a bit more texture, like metallic possibly, so it wouldn't pull out with the needle. [Have some in my stash, might try it to see!]

3rd thing, hold the loop with your finger on the thread while pulling the needle back out! This is another "knack" I developed.

Reason for vague instructions:
Have had this project going for about 7 years - male/female Victorian SILLOUETTES, of all things! Takes forever to fill in the faces. The outline and hair is easy, just 2 or 3 stitches wide. I get it out, figure out how to do it again, work about a half inch, and back it goes. Oh, the half inch takes 2 or 3 evenings. The lady is about 1/2 done, the male is sitting there with just his pattern on the fabric.

I thought they would look great over my bed, but will change everything by the time I get them done - unless the colors come back around again! LOL
All I can say, while ROFL, is I got further than you guys did!!!
PS I understand they sell LARGER needles that hold LARGER yarns, which would be better. BTW, I only crochet with 4-ply yarn, or larger, too!!!

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Dated : January 19, 1999 at 12:14:46
Subject: Re: Never said I didn't, just. . .

Hi Kallen..sorry no instructor here... just had to learn this craft by making mistakes.. you tend not to forget how things work that way. Not sure where I was last week.. somedays I can't find myself.. ever been there? =)

So glad you will be able to finish the face..
do you have the small wire brush used to comb hair out and make it look real? After you have punched her hair in?
This really adds to a picture I combed out the Indians hair and even did a picture of Jesus and combed his out.
It really does make the pictures much nicer. Just something else to think about.. have fun.

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