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Subject: Placemats Pattern ideas


Quilted fabric
Edge binding [bias, fabric, serger specialty thread]
Trace placemat of your choice for size and shape. Cut out pattern in quilted fabric. Cut a rectangle about the size of 4" X 5" - which is a guestimate! Bind edges and place on right side of placemat, about 1" from the edge, horizontally. Sew edges and bottom along edge of square. Sew 3 more lines from top to bottom for knife, fork, spoon, and napkin, making a total of 4 pockets. Bind outer edge of placemat, and you are done.

*Bindings can be purchased bias tape or made from fabric of your choice - posted separately. You could use braided binding that is about an inch wide and folded in half - purchased. The fun thing I learned recently is using my serger to make a satin stitched edge. Looks terrific when neat threads are used.

*Tie made from binding or self fabric stitched to the outside on one end would make a great way to store prepared mats for a large group. Sew the tie horizontally to one end on the outside, roll from opposite end towards the tie, then fasten. NOTE: You will need to measure around one of the prepared mats to decide on the correct length needed.

*Pocket can be about 2" X 4" [guessing again!] if you are wrapping the napkin around the flatware of choice. Metal flatware may take a bit more room.

**The rectangle is a "guestimate" for metal flatware. If you're using plastic ware, you might want to make it smaller. Because I have not made one, just figured out how to do it, you will have to play with the dimensions. I know you can do it, though.

When you get one done, will you share a picture with us? Send it to Luci and she will post itů
Enjoy, :-))

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