lamp shades

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Dated : April 12, 1999 at 00:42:08
Subject: Here's one...

This is a "tube" method that has many variations:

Measure the width of the shade - from top to bottom, plus 4" for 1" casings, top and bottom, with a "tad" drawing over the top and bottom edges.

Then measure around the widest part, usually the bottom, plus 1" for seam, plus the amount desired for 'design ease' - usually 2 to 4 inches. Sew ends together.

Make 1" casings [total of 1 1/4" per casing] with the leftovers drawing over the edges. Caution: Make sure the top does not close over too much, cutting off the ventilation for the heat of the light bulb. Thread 1/4" elastic through both casings so they pull the fabric fairly taught.

There are different ways of gathering the edges, and different embellishments, all according to preference.

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