kitchen witch

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Dated : April 04, 1999 at 22:53:50
Subject: kitchen witch

Use the pattern idea for a kitchen whisk angel, only make her cutsy witchy, not pretty pretty! Maybe a cute poem to go with it. We can get Bonny/Granny to come up with something that rhymes!

For the top of the whisk, make a traditional top, clothes in cutesy kitchen prints and apron with a pointy chefs hat to match the apron. Make sure the whisk hangs below the hem a bit.

You could use this same idea for other kitchen utensils you might purchase at a dollar store around you. Naturally these have to be hung.

I make a wood spoon doll that's called a kitchen angel, using the same idea I gave you with the whisk, only she has wings.

Hope this will give you an idea. Know others out there might have some more...

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