hat pin cushion

Title: Hat Pin Cushion
DuPont orlon or and 4-ply yarn - Main Color and Contrasting Color
Crochet Hook Size "G"

Row 1: Chain 100 sts., Dc in 3rd st from hook. Continue to dc in each ch on both sides of chain (increase at ends of chain as needed).
Row 2: Work 2 dc in each of next 25 dcs to make hat brim.
Row 3: Joining contrasting color at beginning of this row, sc in each dc around and fasten off.
With Contrasting Color make a chain 12" to 14" long.
Weave strand in and out between dcs above hat brim
Roll up from narrow end to form hat and tie a small bow with chained strand.
Source: free handout leaflet from Super Yarn Mart.

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