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Dated : November 26, 1998 at 00:26:23
Subject: Re: crocheted, knitted or polar fleece golf club covers

You can make your own polar fleece pattern for the clubs. Here's how:"

Using two pieces of either the fleece itself or broadcloth to pin over the club.
Mark where you pin it - which will become the seamline - and mark.
Remove from club [*if it's too snug to get on and/or off, move the pins away from the club] and mark where the pins are.
Cut 1/4" to 1/2" away from the marks - this is your seam allowance, so use what you're comfortable with.
Use cording or elastic for closing so the mitts will not fall off.
Cording: Use 12", placing the fold on the seamline.

Elastic: Use 1/4" and zig-zag on using the longest, widest stitch about 2" from hem.
*NOTE: Must sew one side closed before applying elastic.
Sew the rest of the seam, enclosing the elastic ends in the remaining seam.

If using something other than fleece - that can be trimmed with decorative rotary cutter or pinking shears - the "hem" needs to be finished. Use the finish of your choice, remembering that it will have to be sturdy because of the use/abuse it will receive.

karen :-))

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