Doll Hair
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Dated : September 01, 1998 at 12:38:56
Subject: Re: Quick way to make doll hair or garlands

What I do is to take a piece of cardboard, tape one end of yarn to it,
wrap it around many times, then sew down the side,
leaving about 1/4 inch on one side of the thread and the other side long.
Then you tear away the cardboard.
Same concept, really.
A manilla folder works great as the cardboard because it's thin
and doesn't jam up the sewing machine.
You can either cut the loops or not.
Sew it in a cirle around the dolls head (kindof like a monk's haircut).
Then gather all the hair up in a large pony-tail on top of the head.
Looks really nice, I think.
I've made dozens of dolls as gifts for friends' babies and older kids too.

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