I added a Christian craft page to my homepage... Here's a couple from it.

Novelty Note
Place this on a clear bookmark and laminate... glue a small painted or plastic
egg shape to front..

Egg Message

This little egg is given
to you, an Easter reminder
from me to you.

Easter time is drawing
near, it's such a special
time of year.

A reminder we serve a
risen King, who watches
over everything.

Our lives are in his nail
scarred hands, and He
has the greatest plans.
Charlene Dickerson

Easter Rock

This Easter rock is to
remind you of the true
reason of Easter.

If Jesus had not died and
in three days arose, where
would we spend eternity
do you suppose?

As we go about our
day and enjoy it as
we will, may we always
bare in mind how Jesus,
the resurrection did fulfill.
Charlene Dickerson

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