Easter Eggs idea

Dated : April 08,
Subject: Easter idea
I found [finally] some 5" p. mache eggs that were on a stick that I made
the Easter Bunny's house from.
They can be decorated any style - after all, He could live anywhere!

I cut 3 holes in the sides of the egg. I used the snow with glitter in it
for the inside sides and top. Put a pillow on the bottom where Bunny is
sound asleep. He has a basket with a couple of eggs left in it beside him.

Put the egg on a stick in a flower pot [used plastic for the one I had to
mail, clay for the others] with silk flowers in a spring arrangement around
the egg.

This is how I visualized the Bunny after making all of his deliveries!
PS I gave these to my grown daughters!

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