Decoupaged Easter Eggs

lynda from b.c. posted Message 3024 in the CraftPals All Crafts BB
Dated : March 06, 1999
Subject: Re: Easter Crafts

Spray paint a coffee can in a pastel color, then sponge or rag on another color,
drill two holes at top to hold a coat-hanger handle, fill with easter grass,
add eggs and goodies, tie a tulle ribbon around the top and make a big bow.
You can also ad a flower or two.
They make great easter pails, also try doing an easter wreath with mini bunnies,
flowers bows etc.they have sold very well for me in the past.

How about a bunnie-in-a pot?
Small flower pot, glue muslin bunny [5 inch]into pot in a sitting position[legs hanging over
the side, add lace around the bunny's neck and a bow to each foot, use mini carrots,
celery and eggs in the bunny's arms.
These make great gifts for the easter dinner gang.
good luck, lynda from b.c.

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