Easter Egg Bouquets

One of the local police precincts just donated 1,000 various sized plastic Easter eggs to me. Sheesh, I could have egg hunts the rest of the year and never use all of these...lol.....so...I came up with the following two ideas:

Idea #1 -- Medium sized plastic easter eggs...skewers, strong wire, or artificial flower stems (I have tons of these too from the rosebud angels) various colors of thin ribbon.
Terra Cotta Pot. Potting foam...Easter grass.

Poke a whole in the fat end of the egg...I bent the wire a bit on the inside of the egg so it wouldn't fall out..then hot glued it on the outside bottom of the egg.
Fill the egg with jelly beans....then tie 3-6 different colors of thin ribbon at the base of the egg....Arrange the egg flowers in the potting foam and voila you have an easter egg bouquet. You can also decorate the pot if you want.

Dated : March 07, 1999 Subject: Re: Easter Egg Bouquets-continuation of directions

#2 -- same materials as the first example..but you also need artificial flowers.
We found that Easter lillies, Tulips, Daffodils (Flowers with long petals) worked out the best.
Take the stamen part of the flower out and glue the fat end of the egg to the middle of the flower. Do the same as above....these look so cute.
Arrange them in the pot and then cover the potting foam with the easter grass.

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