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Christmas Dot_to_Dot Activity Printable for Kids
Learn, Color, Print and Share

- Chanukah/Hanukkah dot-to-dot
- Christmas tree dot-to-dot

- Kwanzaa dot-to-dot
- elves dot-to-dot
- elves riding the clouds

- animal likes bamboo?
- orange pet swimming ?
- pet loves to run and play?
- helps with a flat tire ?
- animal has a lot of sliding and splashing fun
- Stegasaurus drinking at the stream
- caterpillar grows into a butterfly
- take one of these to go to far away places
- four dot to dot - it's a surprise :)
- this animal lives on the farm and gives us milk to drink
- this animal likes to graze in the meadow all day
- I am a water animal with long jaw filled with sharp teeth
- you may find me swinging from branch to branch in trees
- my enormous body is covered with a thick "hide"
- it's a group of dancing .... ?
- the tallest animal one sees .
- I pick up things by nose not hand .
- my bushy tail is a help to me
- makes garden flowers grow in spring
- what lets the frog sail upon the sea?
- this is a thing we build from sand
- this helps the farmer everyday
- this creature is a night flier
- this bird is a common sight at the seashore
- connect the dots I didn't do this one. No time to play! I had to do laundry! :)

- he's a creature who loves to eat fruit and looks like a fox - starts with a "B"
- you can find this animal galloping through the field
- this bird wakes up the farm each morning
- this character performing his merry dance
- marvelous and magical pet.
- lovely lady in a long dress
- castle
- magical pictures formed by stars
- scary-looking flying near rhe window
- the little alien wants to go home
- this carries treats for family members
- this bird stands for peace
- Manatee
- Sea Otter
- sea creatures fear his sharp teeth
- who is skipping?
- plants found in the desert
- who is sitting on the rock?
- if he dunks his balls many times, his team will win
- find them flying over the land of dots
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