How to Crochet with Wire

wire crochet necklace tutorial
by Charlene D

Crochet Needle No. 9
Wire : 26 gauge wire
Beads: 1 large or med. Christmas bulb
12 tiny Christmas bulbs
24 multicolored round Christmas beads(med)
12 multicolored round Christmas beads(small)


String beads onto the wire before you begin in this order.
12 med. multicolored round Christmas beads(alternate you colors)
Now alternate 6 small multicolored round Christmas beads
and six of tiny Christmas bulbs.(alternate you colors)

Example: 1 tiny Christmas bulb,
1 small multicolored round Christmas bead.
Start with tiny Christmas bulb.

Now add the large or med. Christmas bulb ( this will be the center of necklace)
Start again alternating last 6 small Christmas bead and 6 tiny Christmas bulbs.

Now add your 12 med. multicolored round Christmas beads.(alternating colors)
You are ready to begin your bracelet. Simply crochet a chain stitch.
Working from one side of necklace to the other.

Chain 45, add a bead, ch one, add a bead, chain one... do this same thing till you have crocheted all the beads. Then you will crochet 45 again where the beads stop to end the necklace. Attach fasteners.

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