How to Crochet with Wire Tutorial

wire crochet bracelets
by Charlene D

Wire (make sure gauge is either 34 & 26 or somewhere in between)
The higher the number the thinner the wire is.
Jewelry Fasteners
These bracelets are made with wire and beads.

Prepare to work:
You will need to string your beads onto your wire before you start your chain. You will need to guess at how many you will need to finish your project. However it gets easier once you have made one. To make a simple bracelet you will need to remember it will take different amounts of beads depending on the size wire and bead you use.

Example: Using 26 gauge wire and med. beads it will take 12 to 13 beads. Depending on if you crochet two chains between beads or more. The more chains you have the less beads...etc. Using the 26 gauge wire and med beads. I used 12 med. size beads and chained two between each bead.

Example: If you use the 34 gauge wire. This wire is thinner and more delicate.Depending on the size you want you will need to remember that it will take more beads on the thinner depending on chains in between. I used the 34 gauge and tiny beads. I chained three between each beads and used 14 beads.

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