Potpourri Hearts:

By: Sharon and Mom

My Mom makes little lace hearts of pinks, mauves, creams, reds, burgandy.

Cut 2 hearts about 4 inches tall; lay right sides together and pin.
Insert a 6 inch piece of narrow satin ribbon in the top of the heart (on the inside with the ends up).

Stitch close to the edge, leaving a small opening on one side. Turn the heart right side out and press with warm iron. You should have a little flat heart with a ribbon hanger on the top.

Stuff lightly with a great smelling potpourri and handstitch the opening shut. We sell these for $2.00 each and they sell like crazy, especially around Valentine's and Mother's Day.

**TIP** be sure and use close woven lace (we use a lot of lined lingerie lace) This prevents the potpourri from sifting through. Have fun.

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