Carousel Horse Tutorial

Carousel Horse by:
Lynda Van Scheyndel

child spring horse
wood curtain rod (or your choice)
wood base
ribbon of choice
2 yards of fabric of choice (approximate)
podge or decoupage medium
pearl strands

Posted by lynda from b.c. on October 02,1998
I just re-cycled an old spring horse by taking it apart and making a wood base for it. Used an old curtain rod for the pole through the middle [like a carousel horse] did modge podge with a nice colored fabric. Used pearls for the bridle and saddle outline, added ribbon to the curtain rod top and I have a real conversational piece. everyone wants one.

I have rescued about three more spring horses from the garbage and will do them up for a spring craft sale. This has been a very low cost project for me. It sure is a more solid piece than the paper mache shapes that you can buy and are quite pricey. lynda from b.c.

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