lamp using Ivy Bowls

-2 ivy bowls (wal-mart $.97)
-potpourri of your choice
-adhesive if your choice (liquid nails, silicone-must be able to glue glass together.
-1/2 yard of wide lace (I used 5", but if you can find it wider it will be nicer..the lace should have holes ta the top so you can run the ribbon through.
-3 1/2 plastic canvas circle
-votive holder and candle
-1/4" ribbon, your choice about one yard

Potpourri Lamp instructions

Glue your 2 ivy bowls together bottom to bottom with the liquid nails or what ever (let dry 24 hours).

Fill one bowl with your potpourri (you can fill it with buttons or anything really). Insert the plastic canvas circle to hold potpourri in place-you have to push it in place.

Take your ribbon and lace it through the holes in your lace (if your lace does not have holes use a needle and make a running stitch through the lace to gather). Place lace on bowl that does not have the potpourri in it, tie your ribbon in a bow. You may have to play with the lace to get ruffles.

Take your votive holder and place in bowl with lace on it, add candle. This makes it easy to change candle and that's it, easy and simple.

You can decorate anyway you like. I've used butterflies and flowers to decorate some that I have made. Everything can be purchased at Wal-Mart.

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