Re-use a Coke Can and make a Pumpkin

~Can Pumpkin~
by Charlene D

Empty Coke can
Delta paints: Orange, Black, and White
Small liner
Green felt
Green pipe cleaners
Piece of wire
Hot glue Pinking shears
Artist Craft Chalks: black for shading
Can of gray primer spray paint
Clear spray paint or use Folkart Waterbase Varnish by Plaid

Flatten your coke can.
Drill a small hole on each side at the top of the coke can for stinging wire to hang pumpkin. Spray entire can with primer and allow to dry. After this has dried completely you are ready to sponge orange paint over the entire can. The back of the crushed can will be the front of your pumpkin. After orange has dried use the black and draw mouth and eyes. Use the black chalk to shade some lines down the pumpkin. Using the varnish brush over the entire pumpkin. This dries in 15 min. Or less.

While this is drying cut your leaves using the green felt and Pinking shears. Cut diamond shapes for leaves. Cut square piece and fold edges back and hot glue for stem. Using two pipe cleaners curl them around a pencil to make the curls. After can is dry hot glue the pipe cleaners and leaves to the top middle of the can. You are done.

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