Birdiekity's Valentine:
By: Birdiekity

assorted brown fabrics, satins, velvets, suedes or other textures.
floral foam
glue gun
needle and thread.

I found the boxes on sale after valentines last year, but a regular little box that candies come in could be used.

STEP ONE: (my favorite step) eat the chocolates and save the papers.
STEP TWO: decorated by either covering with velvet, or adding ribbon and satin flowers to cover any writing on the top. I used the original papers in the candy boxes.

For the round chocolates:
cut a 2 or 2 1/2" circle of fabric. Baste around the outside edge with the needle and thread. pull threads slightly to gather, add a ball of fiberfill. pull the thread up the rest of the way and tie in a knot, or stitch back and forth over opening. add glue gun glue to the bottom of the "chocolate" and put in the paper cup.

For the square caramel candies:
Cut a small square of floral foam..appx 1/2" high and 1/2 to 3/4" square. Cut a piece of fabric large enough to go around the top and sides with enough to tuck under to the bottom. Lay fabric upside down on the table and center the foam square. pulling opposite sides up and add a dab of glue gunto secure the loose edge on what will be the bottom of the caramel. Do the sides next by tucking in the extra and pulling the sides up so the seam is even with the edge of the square along the corner lines. glue to the bottom. Add glue to the bottom and place in one of the papers. Arrange them in the candy box so that similar shapes are dispersed throughout the box. You can add variety by choosing different colors of brown, and different textures of fabric. I also made some that are not in this picture, but add even more variety:

Swirl chocolates.
Start with a piece of fabric that is about 16" x 1 -1/2 " long. fold in half the long way. start rolling the fabric you go around you will soon have a chocolate that looks like it has swirls on the top. secure loose end with glue gun and glue into a paper cup. Another variation of this would be to use two different fabric colors--cut two shorter lengths, folded the same, then laid on top of each other before rolling. This would give a swirl of say white and brown.

Cut a rectangular shape of the floral foam and follow the same directions as the caramels. A textured fabric looks great for these.

Wafer Chocolates
Cut two pieces of thin foamcore in a rectangular shape appx 1/2 " by 3/4" cover with dark brown fabric following the directions of the caramels. Place one on top of the other staggered a bit, and then glue together. Set them on edge in the paper cup. Glue the bottom edge into the paper cup. You can also decorate them by adding beads, or little satin flowers on top if you desire.
Birdiekity Kreation Jan -1999

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