Plastic Canvas Tutorial
Remembrance Penny


3in. Plastic Canvas Circles
Plastic canvas yarn(white)
String White pearls
Ribbon(glitter)or white
White lace
Hot glue

Follow pattern for cutting out two circles from 3in. plastic canvas circles for penny holder.

The picture shows you the front piece, it has the middle cut out to display the penny. The back is same size without the middle cut out.

After you have used the white yarn and needle to work entire circle front and back pieces leaving the last outer edge row undone to sew both pieces together.

After you have finished working both pieces, take your penny and place it on the inside of front piece over middle where you cut out a hole to display your penny and sew an X over the penny to hold it in place.

After doing this take both pieces placing inside pieces back to back sew pieces together in row you left undone along outer edge. After you have sewn your pieces together you are ready to hot glue lace around back circle edge and go around the front with string pearls.

Add a ribbon bow to the front. Either add a long piece of ribbon for hanging or a pin to the back to wear. I wrote a small poem to place the pin on or place on string with penny to hang. Charlene D - 2000

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