What do I need to open a business in Canada?

Posted By: Sabe
Date: 2004/5/3 11:39 p.m.

I`m playing with the idea to open my own business, but don`t really know where to begin. I`m in Canada, and unfortunately I'm not working right now. What permits ect do I need and where to ask for it? Where do I get as much information possible? And how do make it happen with practically nothing to invest? Any infos I can get I would be grateful for it. ThanX sabe

Re: what do I need to open a business?
2004/5/4 6:37 a.m.
Aren't you a hairdresser?
Couldn't you do hair from home or even go to nursing homes and do hair for a few hours a day and crafting in between? Or if you live in the country..people in the country need hair cuts too..they can come to you or you can go to them. Then after you get your own customer base established then you can sell them your craft items. I will wait and see what everyone has to say.
ps..register a business is easy it's the paper work that comes after it that's a pain.

Re: what do I need to open a business?
2004/5/4 10:36 a.m.
Sabe-the first question is what type of business do you want to start? First you need to check w/the agencies there that issue licenses for business to see how much they cost, what rules and regulations they have and second, if you want to operate out of your home, then make sure that your home is in an area that is zoned so that you can do that. I will wait to give other advice until after I hear what type of business you want but those are the first 2 things you need to do regardless of what type of business you are thinking of. Sharon.

Re: what do I need to open a business?
2004/5/6 5:31 p.m.
Sorry Sabe - I can't help you. There are too many differences. I am sure between having a business in Canada vs. USA. Are there Chamber of Commerses there? You might want to check with them to see if they have any information. Or a Court House. Our local college sometimes has small business classes - you could check with ones by you to see if they have any information.
Theresa E

Re: what do I need to open a business?
2004/5/7 8:26 a.m.
Hi Sabe;
On your phone book you can look for "Cooperate Consumer Affairs" and go from there. I think you have to decide what business license you want to register for. Sole proprietorship will probably be the easiest, but that's something you will have to decide for yourself. You have to register...your company's name and business with whatever province you're live in. Then the paper work will start.

Lots to read on the net and because you're searching for Canadian information you have a choice of reading it in English or French.


Re: what do I need to open a business?
2004/5/7 8:38 a.m.
Hi Sabe;
This information is from my husband and he works from home most of the time.
Subject: Registering a Business in Ontario ... helpful links.

Government of Ontario (English) Home Page:

Government of Ontario Consumer & Business Services:

Government of Ontario ... Register a Business:

I strongly recomend some research of the differences between a 'sole proprietorship' (cheap / easy to set up, low fees, revenue taxed as personal income ... up to 65% if your gross income is over $100,000) and a 'corporation' (expensive to set up, higher fees, lower taxes ... capped at 22% up to $250,000 ... no basic deductions though)

Understanding the 'important decisions' to make before registering can make a large impact on future taxes and fees, as well as potential future personal financial liability that can arise from the activities of the business.

Re: wow-thanks Luci and Bruce and Sabe
2004/5/7 10:37 a.m.
It seems like you are one determined lady so by all means do a business plan first before you decide to actually do anything:
what exactly do you want to do, how much money will it take to get started (including repairs, startup cash,
-registration fees,
-license fees,
-stock or supplies, fixtures);
-where you will be located;
-lease amount;
-what you expect to do the lst year, 2nd, 5th....usually a 5 year plan;
-projected starting date and projected opening date.

Seems like a lot of work but in the long run it will be a lot easier if you do it up front instead of like I did and jump in head first w/o a definate plan. Believe me if I had to do it over again, I would do it the right way too.

Sounds like you want a multi-function business...do you plan to do it all by yourself? Who will pick up and transport Ale? Are you going to hire help, do it as a co-op w/a friend? Sounds like you are in a really small town or one that is not really booming right now so be sure you have a market for what you plan to do. Are you allowed to work out of your actual home there? If so consider a room or garage to "test the market" before you jump into the business full force. I hope this helps you with some of your decisions and the info that Bruce and Luci gave you on the Canadian sources should be a very valuable tool to get information from. Not trying to discourage you at all, just want to prepare you before you start I wouldn't trade my shop for anything but I sure went about everything the hard way. sharon

Re: what do I need to open a business?
2004/6/11 8:35 p.m.
Hello Sabe.
I thought that I would also emphasize testing the market. See what sells and where. You can still store and stock in your location. It can be a workshop for your hobby business or whatever you desire. If you go to certain events or festivals, it may inspire you to participate during different seasons of the year. Meanwhile, you can make observations and talk to merchants at the festivals who are doing this for a living. There are many markets. Also, there's the internet. It is a very valuable resource in which to test the market. You can do so through your own website, as well as auction sites or shop listings. It is also good to become involved with professional organizations that specialize in your field of interest. Much success in whatever you decide to do.
Rozani (Alabama USA)

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