Craft Creativeness ~ where does it come from . . .?

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Date: 2004/1/28 3:53 a.m.

Ever wonder how "those people" come up with "all those new ideas?" Are you one of many that think they could never come up with a novel idea or something new? Would you like to know how to become "one of those" and create some new ideas of your own? Let's discuss it and see where it leads...

When you look at a pattern or an idea, do you make it look the same? Change some colors, but make the item the same way? Do you change the way it's put together? Do you change the size of anything? Do you change the materials it's made with? Or do you see any other possibilities for the item?

Let me give an example.
When my mother was teaching me to look at a pattern for an outfit she wanted to make me if I liked it. She was kewl, because she started asking what colors I would like it made in, while the picture was a white dress. I said I wanted it like the pattern. She then explained that everyone that bought the pattern liked the picture, but very few would change the fabric or colors. She then asked if I wanted to look like all the rest of those people that made the same dress? I was only about 11 years old at that time, but she taught me to look at alternatives!

Combining the questions above, and the example I've given, can you see what others see when they look at something? Nothing is new ~ just a new method or materials that give an old idea a new look.

Every once in awhile you do see a new idea, but I wonder what triggered it for the creator of that item. Did they combine 2 or 3 ideas to make the new one? Did they see something they thought was poorly made which they knew how to execute better?

Out of curiosity, have you tried different techniques on the same project to see what each technique does to it? For example, different finishes with paints on different surfaces? Like 3 different techniques with 3 different finishes, on 3 different surfaces? Or sewing projects using different fabrics and threads for a new effect? Or using non traditional items to make something, like a rusted, rigid rake for a lattice in a garden pot or potted plant for the little vines to climb up?

Do you look at driftwood and see faces like you do when looking at clouds? Or can you see faces or animals in rocks? Rock painting has become very popular the last 3 or so years, ever wonder how somebody came up with the idea?

When you see something growing or that has dried, do you see what it could be used for? An example are the husks and "hair" from corn have been used for dolls for a long, long time. Could you see an angel with "corn hair and husk wings" shaped when wet [even if you have to soak it] and then dried in the shape YOU want?

If your style is Prim, Country, or Victorian, the same materials could be used for entirely different presentations. Think about it and how each would look using the hair and wings...the differences can be extreme! And all very pleasant to look at!

Think of your personal style and what you like to make. When you see something you like, make it your own by color, materials, methods to create YOUR style. Don't worry about what category it fits in, that will come. Do what pleases you with the things you find and you'll be surprised with how many originals you'll come up with!

Hopefully, it will give you new ways to look at things to come up with your own new ideas. Once you have your ideas, and have made some, you might want to write out directions so you won't forget. As you write "up" your creations you are building a pattern log of originals. You just might be our next "new Designer" on all the TV shows!!!

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