Craft Business - The "SLUMPS" ~ how do you deal with them

Posted By: karen/kallen/k...
Date: 2004/2/15 12:47 p.m.

Someone raised this question below. I know that I feel blue, depressed, "what's the use" attitude.
Climbing out by yourself is very difficult.
One thing that usually works for me is see something new that's exciting and gives me inspiration
~ which is my favorite way.
Another is talking to somebody that makes me laugh and we chuckle over whatever I'm stuck on by taking it into left field with lots of humor. I can just see my "California Snowfolk" in bikinis with a palm frond hat!!! If you don't have a crafting buddy in the real world, you have a whole 'nother world here, and I guarantee we can take your ideas and have fun with them to help you get back on track... You'll chuckle right out of that slump!!! Sometimes I just get stuck on the "how to" do something. It takes awhile, but usually I find somebody that has the answer... How do the rest of you deal with them? How do you get "unstuck?"

Posted By: Theresa E
Date: 2004/2/15 5:10 p.m.
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This time of the year is the worst for me - winter is just too long once you hit Feb and March. And with the amount of snow we have this year, it looks like it will be even longer!! So... I like to plan a vacation - someplace warm to go at the end of Feb. Quite often, it is to Vegas!! This year I'm timing it so I can go to the Painting convention while there. So, between the anticipation, the warm weather, and the new designs I will be getting, I will hopefully be a happy camper come March!!
I also signed up for a craft show on the web - that runs the first weekend in March. If I didn't get my info in too late, I will be spending the next week painting some new items.
Theresa E

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