Craft Tags and Packaging

Posted By: Normal
Date: 2003/4/10 4:48 p.m.

how important is...
the label or price tag on your crafted items?
Have you noticed that items sell better or faster when it has some sort of tag on it?
If you were to name a piece and write a description of what inspired you to make it does it make it more interesting to the purchaser?
Does the extra time and cost incurred make the sale for it?
Let's get some ideas and thoughts flowing.

Re: great questions Normal
2003/4/10 4:48 p.m.

Personally I won't shop w/o prices on the items....don't even like garage sales that don't have the prices on the items. At one time I had a woodcarver in the shop. He had tags w/prices only. I finally convinced him to let me make him some "personalized" tags on the computer and then put the type of wood, where it was found originally, care instructions etc.

Don't know if that was the difference or not, but then the items started selling better I have always thought that presentation (and that does include the tags) is a big part of sales Now I think your orange roses need a tag w/the history on them cause noone would believe what they are made out of otherwise. Next???come on crafters...opinions please. sharon

Re:thanks Sharon
2003/4/10 4:48 p.m.

I have wondered for awhile. I put a tag on my borax ornaments and sold all I could make at 2.00ea.
All they said was"in days of you're families got together and made ornaments when or how they could. Using household items they made the best of it. Borax was a household staple.

My orange peel roses did nothing! I thought they were self explanatory. But it sounds like with your wood client that it did make the difference. Your post made me think. Thank you for sharing that. I think that Eileen might feel this way too because her tags are so great! I do hope we get some good discussion here Sharon. ~normal

Re:thanks Sharon

2003/4/10 4:48 p.m.
I think the tags and packaging really finish off an item to look it's best.. I've been trying to figure out a bag idea..I used to use the brown paper shopping bags with cows stamped on them..but saw some items packaged in a clear bag with snowflakes on pretty.. made you look again..saw alot of them bags around.. I need to make separate tags now for the tin plates with more care instructions on them.seeing as I'm doing more of them...I think..just in case.. now what are orange peel roses Normal? I don't think I've ever seen such a thing.. kathy

Re: how important is...
2003/4/10 4:48 p.m.

Hi Norma;
I would say "yes!."
I remember shopping in "New York" at expensive places and turning to my friend and asked "where are the prices?".
She said "if you have to ask for the prices you can't afford it".
How would they know how I shop.
No prices..I don't bother asking..just keep going.
Tags and poems will sell the item a lot easier I would say.
At least that's what I look..if it has a pertaining poem, to me that's a bonus.
Your work is unique and needs some explanation.
I looked quickly at the cinnamon tree and I assumed it was clay of some kind.
Then I heard you talking about it and went back and looked again " I see it".
Add a poem and nice spicy oil to them .. they will go...but it sounds like you have to educate your buyers. Luci

Norms, the key is "presentation,
2003/4/10 4:48 p.m.

presentation, presentation!!!"
"Wrap your work" with nice tags or dress it up with clear cellophane for the delicate stuff, and then folks know you're proud of what you do...
One of the "harder" lessons we all have to learn! karen

clear, cello bags that are handmade
2003/4/10 4:48 p.m.

I found some heavier weight cellophane that I was able to sew with a longer, looser stitch ~ just a tad less than normal. They are quite different and attractive. I tied the top with raffia, but ribbon would work, too!

The other part of making them is it attracts attention. If we all make the same item, and they are all well made and priced in the same ballpark, but I put mine in these bags ~ mine will sell first and sometimes for a few cents more! Another hard lesson I've learned. The only problem I had with the bags ~ it felt like I had two layers, but found on one I had 6 layers! Then on the next batch, I was a bit more careful. The layers stick together if you use a rotary cutter through several layers at a time.karen

Another thought about excessive pkg...
2003/4/10 4:48 p.m.

I agree with you on the excessiveness of pkgs. BUT, I really get upset with myself when I put a lot of work into my product, and it turns out really great ~ then I go to sell it and it's dirty!!!

You see, the pkg serves 2 purposes, especially on something like your roses with ribbons ~ presentation, naturally, but more important for me is PRESERVATION! I found with my baskets where I use the shrink wrap or my bath "Sundaes" that I could use Windex and clean the dirty dust off!!!

With the natural gas heating and the blow dust from the winds, a film will build on anything, so therefore, I found the pkg is once for the sale and twice for me ~ so my product stays new and clean!!! Maybe you can reconcile your personal objectives along that line of thought as I have ~ HATE doing double work... me! karen

cello wrapped or not
2003/4/10 4:48 p.m.

I like the display piece to be unwrapped but the piece that I take home I like it to be wrapped. Even it's just in tissue paper.
The old grocery bag just doesn't cut it.
When I buy handmade at shows I usually buy it for gifts and I like to keep it wrapped and dust free until then.
If it comes wrapped with a poem and description it's a bonus.
I think if it's wrapped it's easier to transport to shows etc. If it's just for me..I still like it wrapped in tissue paper.
It's feels like a treasure then.
-fussy shopper here..cybermom

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