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Posted By: Tilley
Date: 2003/10/8 5:26 p.m.

You may not want the extra expense before the show, but you might want to consider the tables like I use for in the future. I bought all of my tables at Walmart and Kmart in the sporting goods section (they are made for camping). They are about six foot, but they fold in the center with the legs folding down in the middle of the whole thing. Perfect size to fit in the trunk. When I first started doing shows, all we had to drive was a four door Oldsmobile, so space was the biggest consideration. Thank goodness I'm now driving an SUV! I've been using the same ones for six years and they're still holding up well (even after my husband lost one out of his pickup driving down the road!). I like the ones from Kmart better, but they may have changed brands by now.

I've been seeing a lot of people using these the last couple of years.
I would definately either insist on three card tables or get my table money back. I never really liked card tables (I assume you mean the square type) because people can't reach the stuff near the back without leaning over the table. At least you have a couple of weeks to figure everything out. She could have waited till you got there to spring it on you. Tilley

Tilley do you think a table like that would
2003/10/8 6:09 p.m.

hold the weight of shutters hinged together and clamped on the back of the table????????? Are they real steady?????? I really don't want to deal with card tables. I'm starting my "SOS" calls to family and friends to see if I can find a table, but if I can't I'll look for the one you talking about. Thanks Tilley. You ever hear the old wife's tale "bad things comes in three's?" well this is number one Patti

Remember Sharon's suggestion of sand bags
2003/10/8 6:59 p.m.

over the legs at the front of the table with the shutters ~ if using the camping tables like I have. That way you KNOW it�s ok for folks to lean against!!! 3's, huh. Well, when I quit letting broken mirrors bother me, things went a lot better! But if you do have to count 3's, start listening to the news ~ you'll find more than 3 bad things you can count so this won't bother you... Karen

Re: Thanks Karen. I'm going to think about
2003/10/8 8:07 p.m.

Patti, My mom did craft shows and used card tables, but her stuff was light. My sister tells me that she has been to those shows with mom and saw the card tables tip over when they had heavy items on them especially at show where there were handicap people in wheel chairs. Sometimes a wheel would hit the legs of the table and down it would go. I think that if you have a confirmation on the kind of table that you want...You should insist that they honor your confirmation or give you something just as sturdy. Roxy

Re: If the legs lock properly, it will work...
2003/10/9 8:41 p.m.

Roxy, if you buy some C clamps at the hardware store (you can get them cheap at Big Lots too) then you can clamp the tables together from underneath the table surface (does that make sense?) I have a card table upstairs that I use to craft on and there are bars that go around the underneath. If you were to put a C clamp underneath and clamp two together and then the third one, it may be sturdy enough and not collapse on you. I'd also tie the legs together too. Just a thought but it might work. You may also want to check out places like Office Depot or Staples. I used to work at Office Depot and sometimes they'll get those 10 foot or 8 foot tables and they're nicked and they'll sell them really, really cheap. You just have to ask. Might be something to have for a future show. Flowox

about yard sales and *selling* craft supplies..
2003/9/30 10:16 p.m.
. . . instead of giving them away!

I'm not doing the baskets, survival kits, etc., where I do all the graphics and nice presentation ~ go to a show ~ then see them all over the place the next day for a buck in a baggie!!! The question is . , . Do I print up some of them to give the customers ideas, or just blow out the stuff at a quarter a pop. Anybody have experience here Now I only make stuff that will take somebody at least a week to gather supplies and make it, if not longer!!! Karen

Re: if it were me I'd probably just put them
2003/10/1 10:56 a.m.

out as is...nothing extra. If people ask, then you can always tell them what to do but if they are interested in what you have they will do whatever they want to with it anyway At yard sales I'm all for no extra work Guess you could try it one way one week and if it didn't work, then the next time do it the other way Good luck Sharon

Re: When I had my sale
2003/10/1 5:48 p.m.

I just put all the craft supplies on two tables and let them rummage. (I had priced everything though) Got all kinds of questions, but mostly stuff like "oh, are you going out of business or something?" If only they could see what I still had left! Tilley

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