Do you skirt your table?

Posted By: luci
Date: 2003/5/14 10:14 a.m.

Do you decorate your booth according to the season?
Or to complement your crafts.
Hugs. luci

Re: do you skirt your table?
I use a large table-cloth for my tables, letting it hang to the floor in the front, and just to the edge in the back. That way I can still get into the boxes I store under the table.
I try to have seasonal items for sale, but do not decorate according to the season. May change that this year though, it's time for a change. theresa

Re: Both-seasonal and by type
I have bought the old double knit fabric, 60" wide, doesn't wrinkle bad at all.
I have it in burgundy and navy. Then I made toppers out of a burgundy/green/beige/navy plaid for the 2 tables. I keep a supply of colored sheets, tablecloths and long lengths of assorted seasonal fabric on hand too. Also fall leaves, Christmas lights, etc for those extra little touches .sharon

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