Do you follow Crafting Trends?

Or do you stick to one style of work?
Posted By: Patti E. Wisconsin USA
Date: 2004/1/11 7:20 p.m.

Do you stick to one style of work in your craft shows???? I like different styles of painting, primitive, country , cute, etc. For a craft show would you stick to just "one" style, or would a variety of different styles be o.k.?????

Re: Do you stick to one style of work
2004/1/11 7:41 p.m.

According to what I've learned shows are based upon a style, like Country. Different shows have different styles, which others can explain better... Especially my pard, here!!! BUT, what I've found before pm was I could combine my version of Country and Victorian successfully, because they blended with each other ~ especially the florals! Some of the stuff out there to paint from patterns might be the same way ~ not sure! BUT, again, if you went with Country and a tad of Victorian and threw in some contemporary stuff, doubt the contemporary would sell. Folks looking for Contemporary styles would go where they knew they could find it!!! I have noticed with painted items that unique or novelty items where you're the only one with it at that show are HOT!!! Same story all over in any medium ~ they want different!!! Hope this helps a bit!!!

Re: Do you stick to one style of work
2004/1/11 8:11 p.m.

When I'm at a craft show, anything goes! With beads, of course. My slogan is "What will we bead up next?"--basically meaning that if I can figure out a way to put a bead on it then I will! Now, if I were doing high end juried shows, then I would refine my stock a bit. When I do home parties I try to cater to the group that will attend. But if I'm just setting up at a street fair somewhere you'll find anything from expensive victorian necklaces to acrylic bead key rings in my booth. The theme is the beads.

Re: the shows I do the contemporary stuff
2004/1/12 1:26 p.m.

The shows I do, the contemporary stuff probably wouldn't sell.
I take a combination of things but they all seem to fall in the country or folk art categories. I don't do Victorian or contemporary myself. Juried shows are a whole different ballgame because you are juried in on one medium or product and that is all that you are allowed to bring. Example: I do the barnwood animals, food mixes and fabric crafts. At a juried show (well high end high dollar shows) I would only be allowed to bring in one of the 3 types of crafts....guess I won't be doing any of those. Hope that helps some. Sharon.

Patti, you know those shows that come to town once a year
2004/1/12 8:50 p.m.

You know those shows that come to town once a year or so and are held at the Convention center??? They're put on by professional show promoters who have a "cross country" schedule. Not only that, there's different levels of those, too! The one I was first involved in with my neighbor who made dolls was the Harvest Festival or something like that. {There's a church in town that uses the same name for their annual religious gathering in Anaheim.} She had a 10x20' booth with dolls and critters with ceramic heads, hands/paws, and feet/shoes that began at 38.00 each and went up to $250.00 each for Grandma or Grandpa. She had fillers, which were allowed, but she had been involved in that show so long that she could take most anything she wanted because they knew her work! The cheapest booth rental at those shows was $400.00 for a 10'x10' booth. Does that answer your question about juried/high end shows??? Not me yet, either!!! Have to have something a LOT of folks want to cover expenses, there... Karen

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