Keeping crafts smoke free

Posted By: luci
Date: 2003/8/6 11:12 a.m.

How do you keep your crafts smoke free?
Do people even ask?
Lately when I look at crafts on the net, people are specifying that their crafts are kept on a smoke free environment.
Are customers demanding that now?

Re: We do not allow smoking in our shop. We have a sign
2003/8/6 12:39 p.m.

posted and have never had anyone ask but then all of the public buildings here are non-smoking anymore by law. Even the coliseum where the craft show is held so if you want to smoke you have to go outside.

Course now the people making them? that's a different story I suppose. I do know that the people in the Antique store next door have a no=smoking sign posted but the owner sits there and puffs on one right after the other...and then people come in here and say they had to leave there because of the I think it does make a difference. My friend is highly allergic to smoke...even the smell on peoples' clothes. Ok, anyone else have any experience w/this? Sharon

Re: We do not allow smoking in our shop. We have a sign
2003/8/6 12:49 p.m.

That is what I was thinking.
What if the crafter smokes or someone in their house smokes?
Tell people to smoke outside so their crafts won't smell?
That's going to be a hard one but I can see people saying something like "I like your crafts but are they smoke free?"
I guess mostly because the Net doesn't come with snifters yet.

I have 2 daughters at both *extreme* ends of the spectrum...
2003/8/6 2:31 p.m.

This is from a crafting mom who has smoked most of their lives. The next time I quit ~ for good, too ~ will be # 6 or 7...won't start again, either, because each time it gets harder!!! And only one is your undoing ~ worse than drugs or alcohol, they say, and I believe it... The way I handle the smoke issue is either smoke outside or by my exhaust fan.

Because I'm sooooo aware how smoke sticks to the body and everything else, I'm very careful about what I do and how I present it. I use "smells be gone" spray on the containers they're stored in, and air neutralizers all the time. For some items I even put in dryer sheets.

I also choose the "mountain fresh" scents so the odor doesn't offend folks like me that become ill with perfumes... I've had folks tell me when they saw me smoking later or elsewhere they didn't know I smoked because my products were always so fresh smelling...

So all in all, there are ways of handling things without offending either end of the spectrum. Just fair warning ~ if you belong to a group that acts like my one daughter, I won't be responsible for where my smoke goes ~ with or without help. If I'm standing/sitting in a spot, and those folks come up and start their trampling MY rights of freedom and liberty, they're asking for rudeness in return... Karen

Re: We do not allow smoking in our shop. We have a sign
2003/8/6 5:06 p.m.

Well Luci, I've been on both sides of the street. I personally don't smoke. But had 3 smokers in my house for many years. I HATED it, the curtains picked up the odor of the smoke worst then anything else. I was forever washing them but did no good.

Then hubby got sick and couldn't smoke or be around it anymore (breathing problems) and the kids moved out. Now a SMOKE FREE HOME for me I even put signs on both doors, NO SMOKING ALLOWED.

Yup sure did. And I see such a big difference. The window and curtains stay cleaner longer. And the terrible order is gone and I'm in HEAVEN. If someone wants to smoke, I have ashtrays on the patio for them. They can go out there or down in the playroom in bad weather. And, I will NEVER let ANYONE SMOKE INSIDE again.

I don't blame people for wanting smoke free crafts The smokers have their rights I guess, but so do all of us who hate to breathe in the second hand smoke or who have to suffer with the odor. The minute I go into a home where there is smoking I can smell it right away. I don't say anything, after all it is their home, but it is SOOOOO GROSS.

Here there are laws that prohibit smoking in public areas and I think that is good, of course it makes it very difficult for the smokers, but..... They even enforce the law with stiff fines. Well, that is my point of view. I certainly can't blame people for wanting SMOKE FREE CRAFTS. But this is just my personal feelings on the subject. Roxy

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