Craft Show essentials- Toolkit

Posted By: Sharon G (Oklahoma)
Date: 2003/4/10 3:25 p.m.

ok we covered the car and the cash box....this one is the toolkit. I use a big, black toolbox I got at WalMart...did use a small tackle box but found it wouldn't hold all I needed This is what
I have in mine:
-Business cards (I have special ones just for shows so if people come in w/one, I know where they got them from);
-little 1/4 page flyers that say "these and other fine crafts found at....."
-Cardstock and sharpie pens for emergency signs
-Extra price tags (you know for those you forgot to tag)
-Ballpoint pens, pencils, red pen
-small hand calculator w/good batteries
-Small tablet for notes or to attach tags too
-Scotch tape, masking tape, wide heavy plastic tape, duct tape (yep I take ALL of these as I use each for a different purpose)
-Sharp pocket knife or utility knife
-Strip ties (isn't that what they are called for putting panels together) assorted sizes
-Scissors (small snippers for my tags) larger ones for other uses
-I also take pinking shears and a pair of decorator scissors for extra tags
-Tagging gun
-Staple/nail gun
-Emery board or sanding blocks
-Phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver & assorted screws
-Plastic container w/assorted nails, paperclips, tacks, screws, drapery hooks
-Small utility hammer
-Extra picture hangers
-Twine, jute and small cording

Well that is enough for this list I'm sure more will be added by others....I am sure there is more in my little black box that will be added as we go along....come on now, help the newbies out w/some of your tricks for the toolbox. I will do the first aid kit, assessory kit another know the ones that hold all the Rest of the Story

Fall Crafts shows are about to begin
2003/4/10 3:24 p.m.

Do you have your "show kit" ready?
I will post a few suggestions again for the kit...feel free to comment or add...I will do this in a series of posts over the next few days.

First: For the Car:
-A can of Fix-a-Flat;
-a flashlight w/new batteries;
-clearly written directions to your destination;
and hey on the back side write the directions home (if you are like me you can't remember your way around and everything is always north to me)

For your cashbox:
-copy of application; contract w/promoter if there was one (this will help if questions arise concerning anything you might have paid for/not paid for i.e. electricity, etc) about $100 in change ( usually take $25 1'2; 5-$5's; 2-$10s and 2-20's

Feel free to post any comments to the Car kit and Cashbox...let's hold off on the toolbox until I post those. sharon

Re: Fall Crafts shows are about to begin
2003/4/10 3:24 p.m.

One kinda important item out here for the gov's grubby fingers ~ resale license or any other certifications you might need.

Love the idea about the directions home. Usually when you finish a weekend show you're so tired and still have to load after the show closes, so forget about memory ~ it's absolutely gone, especially in a strange city!!!

Don't forget the jack and stuff for the spare tire if you've cleaned the vehicle out for some strange reason... Almost did that the last time I cleaned the van!!! Enjoy your shows..karen

Re: Funny you should mention those 2 things
2003/4/10 3:25 p.m.

I thought after I pushed "post" that I should have added the resale license and now that you mention it, the jack is a great idea!! We had a blowout on the camper on the way to the show we did in June and boy it was a headache getting all the stuff down, under, jacked, moved, rejaked, blocked etc so if we had not had that jack, boy we would have been in BIG trouble...thanks. sharon

Re: Fall Crafts shows are about to begin
2003/4/10 3:25 p.m.

What a great idea Sharon. My first show of the season is Sept 21st, so I guess it's time to get things organized.

-if yours is anything like mine, it was due an oil change a thousand miles ago! and have all the fluids checked at the same time.

Cash box:
-in addition to the bills, have some change ready too. Pennies, nickles, dimes, etc. I also like to take a "cash envelope" (not sure what the official name is) The kind that banks give for overnight deposits. I can leave some cash in there before the show, and if I get a number of large bills during the show I transfer them in there too. This envelope is kept seperate from the cash box "just in case". theresa

Re: Fall Crafts shows are about to begin
2003/4/10 3:25 p.m.

Your "cash envelope" is a great idea.
Where are some of the places you keep it separate in case you're away from your table?
I keep mine in a separate pocket on my body ~ that way my "helpers" don't have to worry about it and know I have all the cash except their 30 bucks in the cash box. BTW, it's usually my two older g-sons who outsell me!
The reason I ask is one show a gal had a hundred dollars stolen, and was very upset, BUT she kept leaving her table, sooooo! She was in charge of the show, but didn't think! karen

Re: I keep my extra cash bag in the bottom of a big plastic tub
2003/4/10 3:25 p.m.

That way if I am gone for a second, it would take them awhile to figure out which of the many boxes it might be in...word of caution...try to never "get the bag" when there are customers around to see your hiding place . sharon

Re: Fall Crafts shows are about to begin
2003/4/10 3:25 p.m.

I usually just throw the envelope in the bottom of one of by tubs that I carry items in - one that has enough "stuff" that the envelope can blend in. This is one of the bank envelopes - plastic/cloth type with zipper along the top - a little large to carry with me. Since the tubs are under my table, they are difficult for others to get into. I try to make sure that is the tub that gets back into the van first when I am re-packing!
Theresa E

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