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selling bath products
2004/1/19 6:36 p.m.

When I posted previously about selling baked type goods (chocolate spoons) and bath products, someone was kind enough to let me know that I would need a commercial kitchen. How would I find out about the specific rules in my community (Kelowna, BC). Also, what exactly would pass/qualify as a commercial kitchen. Thanks for all your help.

Re: selling bath products 2004/1/20 12:55 a.m. Erin, that would be whoever is responsible for licensing restaurants, usually the health department. Then the building department gets in on the act to make sure you do it correctly! My relatives and I compare notes on the red tape for each country!!! actually, Terry who hosts the Paper Mache BB here lives in Hedley and could probably be a bit more specific. Will have him stop by! We'll get ya help one way or another... Were you hit hard by the fires last summer, or were you okay? Karen

Re: selling bath products
2004/1/20 1:41 a.m.

Hi Erin,
I'm Terry from bb11 Papier Mache with Terry Bishop I dont think that I can be too much help with this one. I know from selling at Markets many of the Home bakers etc, and I understand that some have had to have a complete seperate kitchen installed that must meet strict regulations,. As far as I know this is with Food products NOT bath products. Have you called City Hall? I'm sure they could steer you in the right direction, also are you selling from Home or at Markets etc?

Re: selling bath products
2004/1/20 7:13 a.m.

Hi Erin;
Phone your town hall and ask to talk to someone about licensing. The shop that I used to sell my things at wanted to sell food like chocolates, tea & cakes. So when her customers came in they could have tea and chat. She just asked them a question and they were at her door. Her shop is in a house in the middle of town. Already had a kitchen and a bathroom upstairs. Nope, she had to have a commercial kitchen and a bathroom on the main floor. The health inspectors also stop by from time to time and make sure that things are going according to the rules. So I guess we have the same rules as the Americans do. I live in Ontario and the rules might be a bit different in B.C. but I am sure they will be similar. Just phone them.
You'll be wiser on this subject and I hope you come back and share with us what you found. luci

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