Craft Sales techniques part 3 -

Posted By: Sharon G (Oklahoma)
Date: 2004/5/26 10:24 a.m.

Have you ever walked into a shop or a booth at a craft show and had the "owner" rush you like they thought you were going to be stealing from them?
Not a pleasant feeling is it?
Then on the other extreme, you walk in and feel totally ignored... no acknowledgment that you are anywhere around. What is the happy medium?

Greet the customer as soon as you see them, "Hi, how are you today" "If you need any help, please let me know"....Even my 5 year old grandson greets my customers with that phrase he has heard it so many times. They hear this tiny voice but nobody can see him because he is behind the counter.

Reading a book might have you so involved in the plot that you forget to do what you came for.
-Shows disinterest in what you are doing.
-Shows the buyers that you are bored and not busy.
-Distracts you from the real intent of the booth.

Can't think of any...can you?

A little more acceptable than books IF you are using craft related materials.

Example: If you do beading, have a beading book etc.

Cons: same as books only to a lesser extent
Pros: you might learn a new technique
If the magazine if lying around, customers might browse it if you are busy w/another customer (well this could be good and bad...they could be browsing the booth) Definitely display the magazine if you are featured in it.

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