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Posted By: lritchie
Date: 2003/4/10 3:20 p.m.

Is it really worth it?
Or do you do just indoor shows?
Do you prefer indoors or outdoors shows?
thanks. luci

Re: outdoor tents
2003/4/10 3:20 p.m.

I prefer indoor shows - that way you dont have to contend with the weather as much, and there is less to haul.
Outdoor shows a tent is definitely a necessity. Invest in a good tent that is easily set up. After years of spending 20 - 30 minutes putting up a tent, we spent the $200 to get a good tent that takes 5 minutes to set up. Well worth the money! theresa

Re: I had 2 E-Z ups before the last show
2003/4/10 3:21 p.m.

I did but the storm totally destroyed both of them so now we start over again. They are definitely worth it in my opinion. We didn't have one the lst outdoor show we did and boy that sun was HOT and of course then the rain comes Doug is going to make us a cover out of tubular steel that just slip together to assemble. Then you attach tarps w/bungee type cords. There was a lady w/one at the last show and it was soooooo nice.

It took her about 15 minutes to assemble it as compared to 5 for the E-Z up but it didn't catch the wind like the other either so that was worth the extra time...also you didn't loose the space where the other tent angles, the new type we want will go straight up...about 2 foot difference overall spacewise I think she said. We do shows that are on concrete and on grass so it will work either way. Anyone else use something different? Thanks sharon

both, but just got the e-z up. . .
2003/4/10 3:21 p.m.

Up until now I've used the tubular steel with tarps. Also, make sure you get the heavy duty super silver tarps to keep the sun out. They also last the longest. The white and blue aren't as cool.

Also, I use large battery spring loaded clamps over the tarp edge over the tube. Works really great ~ just have to buy the next size up for the tarp. Those bungee cords with the little balls snap and hurt when they hit you when tearing down the awning. karen

Re: Thanks for the tip Karen, I thought about
2003/4/10 3:21 p.m.

those little balls coming up and whacking me a good one I loved the EZ Up but the wind bent the poles like a pretzel...I know you can order the parts but figured overall it would be more economical to just start over. I have to try and find something easy enough for me to do if and when I have to do an outdoor show w/o Doug along to help me set up The displays are enough trouble w/o having to fight the tent too, if you know what I mean .sharon

So far, other crafters run over to help
2003/4/10 3:21 p.m.

put the top part up with the tarp on. They'll watch you put the poles together, and attach the tarp, as soon as you begin to lift a corner, a couple of guys will show up to grab a corner so it's not a major deal. I've discovered they also watch to make sure you don't get in trouble overdoing the set up and sometimes the teardown or packing the heavy stuff. I've also seen them ignore the wilting flowers that can't do anything for themselves.karen

forgot to say, the cost will come out
2003/4/10 3:21 p.m.
about the same for each.

Also, don't forget the cement cylinders or blocks for the corners! They sure help with the wind. The cylinders are cement core samples taken from construction sites by inspectors. The first ones I bought at a show, then my neighbor brought some home to me from jobs she was on...
I also used the 4' bungees to hold these to the top corners. karen

Re: yeah those corner blocks are critical
2003/4/10 3:21 p.m.

equipment We did ours in 1 gallon buckets w/tie rod inserted in the center. Then use rope to tie down...a couple of times it was so windy we had to use sand bags on top of the blocks Who knows, Doug may change his mind and just buy another of the EZ ups instead of making his own...thing is, we need 2 10x10 usually.

1 spot just isn't big enough for us to display in. We did have a 10x12 and a 8x10 so if we were on the corner (which are in our best show) we could set one up on each side and display the large outdoor stuff in the open area between on the pie wedge does that make sense .sharon

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