Craft Outdoor Shows - Tips
Posted By: lritchie
Date: 2003/4/10 3:20 p.m

What things wouldn't you do again and what works for you?


Posted By: Theresa E
Date: 2003/4/10 3:20 p.m.
In Response To: outdoor craft shows? (lritchie (canada)

Be sure to bring extra tarps and spring-type clamps. The tarp can be hung on which ever side of your display the sun is shining in on, helping to keep your items in the shade. Also, a clear tarp, garbage sack, etc. to cover your items if it starts to rain. By having it clear, people can still see what you have.
Exactly. Theresa,

thanks. I always
Posted By: Sharon G. (Oklahoma)
Date: 2003/4/10 3:20 p.m.
In Response To: Re: outdoor craft shows? (Theresa E)

carry a huge roll of that plastic like they sell to put over your windows in the winter time at Wal-Mart...about $4.00 roll and lasts forever it seems...I have 3 sizes of clips, sm. med lg so that I can go around my poles or clip just the sides of the tarps together and the large ones hold the plastic down on the tables if the wind really blows (and of course it always does) laugh I've only done 1 show outside that it didn't rain either the night before the show or the day of the show...but sales were good anyway. The wind is what people around here dislike it seems. Thanks for the tips.

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