Keep track of "special projects tools"
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Date: 2003/9/26 10:59 a.m.

What or how do you keep track of "special projects tools" you're using when loading up. Let me tell you what I did and the results... The last nite I went to market I had some florals that needed some "touch ups" so took my wire tools ~ the wee ones ~ in a plastic container. When packing I remember putting them some place where they would be "safe." Well, let me tell you, are they ever safe!!! I still haven't found them...
I know I do this to myself all the time and was wondering if there's a secret to finding those "safe places" one has...

Re: For ya all . . .
2003/9/26 11:57 a.m.

Ha ha ha ha!!!! I looked all over the house for a week looking for the battery charger I had put in "a safe place"!! Finally found them. But you aren't the only one!! For shows I have one or two bucket/tubs that get all the "extras" put in. That way when I am looking for something it is usually in one of the two. That helps to cut down on the searching for items I took to the show.
Theresa E

� Re: you too huh?
2003/9/26 12:37 p.m.

Remember that stapler I accused Doug of loosing before the last 2 shows? Yep...found that sucker and guess where it was? In the Christmas store box...we were working up there and took it up to staple the garland lights up I guess and when we finished for the day, put everything in a box for the next day...well the next day never came and we never opened the box again. I went to finish the Christmas store the other day and there that little lost sucker was Poor Doug, wasn't all his fault after all I bought a roll-around tool box at WallMart.

It has a bottom section that I put all the credit card stuff and display type brochures etc in. The top section hooks onto that. That is where I keep all the tools, extras, nails, hooks, wire, paint, rope...whatever I think I might need. (also has a little slide out tray in the front w/compartments but I don't use it much) Then that has a liftout tray that I use for the stuff I use the most like the scissors, pens, staples etc. There is also a big canvas Velcro pocket on the front, and a couple on the sides I think...cost about $14-$15 and has sure been worth it.

I can just pull the handle up and pull it along behind me to the spot then sit it back upright to work. If I am doing something I don't want to pull the whole thing, I can just upclip the top part and take it by itself...well this is probably much more than you ever wanted to know about finding safe places after you have lost them .Sharon

� I got one of those tool boxes for Christmas, Sharon.
2003/9/29 4:59 p.m.

It is so great! Took the place of three small boxes I was trying to lug around. Sounds just like yours. My parents laugh at me every year for the things I ask for on my Christmas list, but I know that my dad will only buy the best quality tools so I get better stuff than what I'd buy for myself! The last few years I got a paper cutter, a dremel and a three-hole punch, just to list a few. Gotta love my dad!

As far as finding stuff you've put safely away, I think I spend more time looking for stuff I need than actually getting anything done. Searched for 45 minutes the other night for 6 blue and 6 pink crystals I needed to make a pair of baby charm bracelets. Turned out they were in the bag with the charms the whole time!

Got to have those rollers!
2003/9/29 5:20 p.m.

By the time I get the bottom part loaded down with beads, I couldn't move it without the wheels! My problem now is that I can't lift it up to load it in the truck! I have to load the two parts separately! Tilley

� Re: I got myself a dremel, rotozip, palm sander
2003/9/30 11:51 a.m.

and jigsaw for Christmas a couple years in a row My son & his wife got me a stapler/nailer last thing I ever got as it is self-propelled or whatever you call it...doesn't take as much effort to use it and w/my grip that is good . Sharon

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