How many of the "same" thing do you bring?

Posted By: Patti
Date: 2003/8/21 10:50 a.m.

How many of the "same" thing do you bring?

I'll post one of the snowmen chalkboards for an example. I have four done, and five of another design (more primitive). In other words do you bring a lot of the same thing, or a bunch of different things. Am I making sense? Patti

Re: you can never ask too many questions Patti
2003/8/21 12:25 p.m.

that is how we all learn Each crafter probably has a different take on your question. I take 6 of each of my large barnwood animals to every show we do. They aren't identical but basically the same, just decorated different. Other than those and my food mixes, I seldom do identical things (even if I tried I couldn't) Other than my big animals (which I group as a barnyard) I only put out 1-2 of the same item but have a good selection...or display them in different areas of your setup. I tend to group my displays by type or colors.

Example: Mom's kitchen stuff....
I put all the chicken stuff together and then throw in one of my barnwood roosters, a chicken picture w/the wire on it, chicken lamp, maybe a chicken chalkboard. That way people can see how they can use the items together. The baby cloth books, baby burp pads, hooded baby towels and any of the baby items all go grouped in one area.

Does that make sense? I would take everything I made even if you don't put it all out at once. I tend to rearrange all during the one thing sells, I fill in w/something else. I hope I helped answer your question and I'm sure Tilley and Karen will have some good suggestions I said, each crafter has their own method of display and you will find yours after a show or two. Sharon

We all learn no matter how many we've done!
2003/8/21 3:27 p.m.

I've seen it done both ways...I like the way Sharon does it with a lot of variety ~ but you have to have the variety. I've seen it where folks take enough stuff for a 2 day show to completely restock their shelves 6 times over. Their theory ~ folks won't buy if they see only 1 or 2 left.

Now I'm doing pm, it's entirely different! I have a variety of things I make ~ like the birdhouses, but fill in with other mediums because of how long it takes to build inventory in pm! Yep, our resident mentor Terry is pushing, and I'm getting there, just not as fast as I'd like!!! As I build inventory, some things I will repeat, others I won't. I'm also doing some "one of a kind" things which won't be repeated for any number of reasons. Collectors will pay for the only one ~ IF they like it or maybe it takes too much to accomplish the item for the money folks are willing to pay. What I have done in the past is put out 5 or 6 of the same item that would stack nicely, or 3 of another kind. If it's sayings or magnets*, they get displayed or in a nice container folks can "leaf" thru.

One thought ~ if you have 5 of one thing, and you make a nice display of them and sell a couple, your display will have "holes" in it with nothing to fill in. Possibly make a grouping where 3 or 4 kinds of "hanging" items are mixed together so you have more to "fill in" the holes as they sell. Keep in mind they don't all have to be chalkboards, but different things you might paint that would hang. Make sense?

*Magnet hanger/display:
Use a length of galvanized vent duct ~ the solid type like a stove pipe ~ about 10 or 12" in diameter and 2 - 3' tall. Paint a neutral color [that shows off your magnets] and embellish simply so when they sell the display still looks attractive. Very simple but VERY effective!!! My 2 cents... k... karen

Re: I have to agree with Sharon...
2003/8/21 5:38 p.m.

if I've got it done, I take it. There's nothing worse than someone saying "I wish you had more of those" and you do, but they are at home. How many of everything I put out depends mostly on how much room I have. A lot of times if I have the same piece available in several colors, I will display one with a sign that says "Also available in red, blue or grey" or something like that. If that one sells, I put another one out immediately. If you do something like that, make sure you know exactly where your extras are stored so you can get to them quickly if someone asks. They don't like to wait while you dig through all your boxes looking for something.

I also do this with my "team spirit" jewelry (school colors and mascots). I display the pieces for the town where I'm at with a sign that says "Some other area teams are available in stock. Please ask." If I hear someone say they like those but are from another town, I'm ready to pull out their team to show them.

It's always hard to predict what will sell, so the best you can do is take a guess and hope you get lucky. How many nights I've sat in a hotel room trying to put stuff together because I sold out on day one... I'll never forget--the big show I have coming up next month was the first show I did after 9/11. I couldn't keep red/white/blue bracelets in stock--my husband was selling them as quick as I could get them strung. We hit Hobby Lobby after the show and stayed up all night stringing! Tilley

Re: Patti on the link Luci left for my new site
2003/8/22 12:19 a.m.

on the craft show page is the setup we used at Mt. Vernon couple years ago...of course we changed it since then but it gives you a couple ideas for a LARGE space...not like you will have so it probably won't help much.

Remember we get 3 10x10 spaces for our shows and sometimes we need 4 spaces. Also another thought for the magnets....a cheap, quick, easy display for those are cookie sheets...painted a neutral color and can be decorated if desired. If you don't have time, then use them as is. They already have the hole to hang them from so that saves a little time there. Be sure and find some cheap folding easels to display some of your painting on too so that people can see them used on a table, buffet, piano, cabinet etc and that they don't just have to be hung to be beautiful.

Group a collection of the different snowmen types that you have in one area w/a nice lace table cloth or maybe a bright, royal blue, shiney cloth for the drop to sit them on. I think that would look awesome Throw a few snowflakes on from the $store or Hobby Lobby, Michaels etc and it will make a really impressive display. Use all different sizes and textures in the grouping...example: snowman blackboard, snowman jar, snowman magnet, (not sure what else you do) but you get the idea I think....keep on asking, we'll keep on thinking never know what will pop in a crafter's mind you know .Sharon

Re: I have to agree with Sharon...
2003/8/22 1:11 a.m.

Gosh, I was supposed to leave some at home??? I even take things not quite done ~ just in case there's some "dead time" and I can't sit still...

That worked well one year for the Millenium Toilet Paper Rolls I did for the New Year. The labels were filled with all kinds of funny stuff and were way less than a quarter to make ~ sold for a buck! One gal at this 2 day show took one home and showed her Honey...he came back and bought 2 dozen first thing the next morning! Good thing I had about 3 dozen ready for the labels!!! Love it when that happens!!! Karen

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