Do's and Don'ts at at Craft Shows
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Date: 2003/4/10 3:23 p.m..
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One of the biggest hints I can offer for a long show is have somebody at least come and relieve you for an hour or two at lunchtime so you can find either a quiet corner or your car to at least "rest your eyes" if not catch a 20 minute cat nap.

Those shows are VERY long, and the cat naps help you maintain an energy level so the hours don't show in your face and turn folks away. You are supposed to have as much fun as they are, if not more, according to many of the visitors!!! Good luck, pal...

If you are doing craft shows, be sure and
2003/4/10 3:21 p.m.
take a copy of your tax certificate w/you incase they come looking.

A friend didn't have hers with her and they fined her. Annie

Re: If you are doing craft shows, be sure and
2003/4/10 3:21 p.m.

Thank you for the reminder!! I usually keep mine in the back of my check-book, that way it is handy when I buy something.

Need to make a copy of it and laminate it, then put it in with the craft buckets so it is with me at the shows. Always thought I should display it so the customers would know they need to pay sales tax. theresa

Re: Good point Annie and posting it is always
2003/4/10 3:21 p.m.
a good idea too Theresa.

I keep mine in my checkbook and also a copy in my craft tool box that way, I know it is always with me if anyone needs to see it. I have my number memorized and that is usually all they require around here Thanks for the tip. sharon

Re: Same in Oklahoma too and the Dept
2003/4/10 3:21 p.m.

of Health has started watching for food licenses on anything out of it's original containers i.e., even the dry mixes since the flour etc is no longer sealed in it's original package...remember I had to put in that commercial kitchen last year All of the entry forms to shows here ask for the tax ID number.

Not sure they care what you do but at least it covers them if the state comes back and asks them...Kathy aren't you in Canada? Maybe Luci or Ann has more info on that end. I'm sure every state is probably a little different .sharon

1 most important item for shows
Posted By: Sharon G. (Oklahoma)
Date: 2003/4/10 3:21 p.m.

Question was: what is the one most important item you take to craft shows? Below are the responses:
-1. Luci-Food
-2. Eileen-daughter (helper)
-3. Theresa-good attitude
-4. Rhonda-self (in jest)
-5. Marcella-attitude-be friendly and helpful
-6. Karen-Fence pliers (all purpose tool)
-7. Kathy K.-Coffee
-8. and now mine-A big supply of business cards so can have repeat customers
Anyone else want to add their ideas? Just on in. I know Ann does shows, not sure who else...come on out and play

Any advise for people starting their craft biz?
2003/4/10 3:20 p.m.

I found it fun but very hard to get it going.
What about you?
Anything you went through that would advise other people to watch out for?
Thanks. luci

Re: Any advise for people starting their
2003/4/10 3:20 p.m.

Be Patient!!
Have some large ticket items, and lots of small ticket items.
and Good Luck! theresa

Re: If you are opening a shop, be aware of the
2003/4/10 3:21 p.m.
other shops around you.

We are next to antiques stores and that has been our savior so to speak during downtimes. Usually shoppers will drop in just to see what we have.

Create a business plan, stick to it as close as the outgo of your monies...advertising is great, but expensive and I have found not as productive in local papers etc as the billboards are on the Interstate.

Most of our customer base is out of town people. Be positive, as Theresa said, because your attitude will reflect upon your business. Smile, smile, smile!!!

Always greet everyone that comes in (whether in your shop or at your shows) Just a pleasant, hello, how are you today? and then politely say "If I can help you, just let me know" Then go back to your business and leave them alone unless they ask for help. My experience...hope it helps some .sharon

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