Car Shows
Posted By: karen)
2003/9/8 12:54 p.m..

Has anyone done car shows that car clubs put on as charity benefits?
Do you go with what you usually do or do you gear your product to them?

I know several crafters that are successful with these, but never done any. Also, is it the general public buying from the crafters or the participants??? Karen

Re: not yet, but I've got one coming up next month.
2003/9/8 5:11 p.m.

I probably wouldn't do it except they're offering free booths to vendors and I'm all for free stuff! My experience has been that if the event is actually for something else and the crafts are just window dressing, then I don't sell as much. A lot of times they won't bring much money because they don't even realize that the crafts are there. Probably won't make anything special to take, but I do sell keyrings with Nascar stuff on them, so they may be popular. Tilley

Re: Thanks, pal!!!
2003/9/9 6:14 p.m.

I would definately check it out before doing the show - thats a lot of $ plus the doorprize! I do a Firemen's Memorial festival in town here. It is geared towards firemen (obviously! 99% of what I sell is firemen related. I make the firetruck ornament, and a couple of snowmen firemen ornaments. This year I am planning on painting some mousepads with firemen bears on them, and maybe a door or two related to fire. The price went up this year, and they made it 3 days instead of 2. Next year is their 25th year doing the festival - I may stick around for that one, but it isn't the best show I have. It is close tho!
Theresa E

Glad to help
2003/9/9 7:45 p.m.

I quit doing most of the shows I used to do in the summer cuz the crafts were just a secondary thing. Most that I did only charged $20-30, or else it wasn't worth it. Hard to compete with blowup cartoon balloons and cheap overseas jewelry. I wouldn't be doing the car show next month if it weren't free setup and in my hometown. No loss except my time if it doesn't go well. Tilley

Re: Has anyone done car shows that car clubs put on
2003/9/9 11:02 p.m.

Karen,I do a flea market and craft show that is put on by the Antique Auto Association every summer. If this is the first one that is being put on I would try a mix of things. Gag gifts geared to the car crowd or hunters might do well if you suggest them for stocking stuffers, some Halloween things should do well too. As always, how well you do well depend on the advertising by the club and if it is an indoor or outdoor event.Hope this helps. Good Luck with the sale!! Hazelanne

Thanks, Hazy! It sure does help...
2003/9/9 11:14 p.m.

What's the difference between indoor and outdoor car shows? This one is indoors and the first one they've done, so no idea about the advertising. Karen

Re: Thanks, Hazy! It sure does help...
2003/9/10 12:38 a.m.

The outdoor ones have a car display that draw the crowds.The one I do also has an auto auction. The cars are beautiful.Sure would like to own one!!! The annual one here has about 700+ vendors from all over the Maritimes,Quebec and Ontario.It is 3 days and only costs $30 per space for the whole weekend!The outside vendors have a big enough space to park a camper and set up their tables.Every thing from crafts to antiques to food and even a kitchen sink or 2.There is also a bingo tent set up by the Lions Club.I don't think I have ever been through the whole thing once! Hazelanne

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