Booth Etiquette for Crafters
Posted By: Sharon G (Oklahoma)
Date: 2004/2/6 11:02 a.m.

If you do craft shows, do you ever think about the person around you?
Being a better neighbor at shows makes the experience much more pleasant.

Re: Sharon these
Posted By: Norma
Date: 2004/2/6 7:46 p.m.
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Good tips. I have been in shows where the neighbours were just hostile!! It sure makes for a verrrry long weekend. I was in one show a few years ago where an artist came in and set up 24 easels with her work on them. They were beautiful but she completely covered my whole table and booth. People couldn't get into my area at all.

One rather large lady did try and knocked one painting over. Well let me tell you that poor lady was screamed at for five minutes and then asked to leave. Everyone else thought it was me that went nuts. I felt so sorry for the lady. But that artist just proceeded to make the rest of the day pure hell for everyone else. I think I made 10.00 that weekend. I did complain but it did no good at all. She told me off several times and then told off the promoters!

I didn't do anymore shows at that venue after that. On the other hand I have had some fabulous neighbours who went above and beyond to help others out. They carried stuff in for me when they realized I was having back problems and then one lady went so far as to suggest a couple of display ideas with me and then set it up for me! I sold pretty good that show! You just never know what is going to happen walking in sometimes! Thank you for sharing these thoughts with us. I am sure it took you quite a while to put it to print. ~norma

You both are soooooo correct ! ! !
Posted By: karen/kallen/k...
Date: 2004/2/6 9:59 p.m.
In Response To: Re: Sharon these (Norma)

I have found that the nicest folks are fellow crafters and artisans. They come from all corners to help put up my not so "pop up" awning and it always amazes me... Even the show promoters will tell you tips to help sometimes ~ even if the better lighting they suggest exceeds their limits!!! That happened last summer ~ twas truly a pleasant surprise...

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