Posted by Charlene D.

Cork board deer:
Use flat cork board, cut in triangle shape, turn upside down where point
goes down. Use brown or black pipe cleaners cut in half to fashion
antlers, glue to top back of triangle, add moveable eyes and red
pom pom nose and a pin to back, ears are made from brown felt, cut tear
drop shapes and add to each side of head.

2 different ways:
Each pattern calls for 3 craft clothespins, except when making a pin to wear.

First Pattern:
3 regular size craft clothespins, glue two side by side for body and legs,
glue one for head, make sure long part is up this is antlers, glue on
moveable eyes, and red pom pom nose. You can add lace to dress up,
folded over back, behind head, add bow and small jingle bell. Glue ribbon
to hang.

Second P:
This is made from DMC embroidery floss, and 3 craft clothespins,

Using felt marker, make black hooves at bottom of two clothespins and let dry.
Body: #301, Wrap two clothespins entirely(except hooves) with brown floss
and glue together to form body and legs.

color same as head,

antlers:#738; Turning another clothespin upside down, begin wrapping brown
floss where clothespin divides to form head. For antlers, wrap tan floss
on one antler, then another. Glue head at a slight angle to front, be sure
antlers are up.

EYES: For each eye, tie two tight knots on to top of each other using black floss,
trim and glue to face.

Nose: Red floss: Tie four knots on top of each other and trim and glue to face.

For each ear, cut two 1" pieces of brown floss,lay side by side and
fold in half, apply glue at fold and form pointed ear. Trim and glue to
each side of head.

Tail: same way using white floss,

red floss,
make bow from several strands of floss,

#700, green floss; Cut two 24" pieces of floss, using both strands, tie 20
loose knots close together and tie around deer neck, forms wreath, secure at
back of neck behind head and glue.

red floss, made same as eyes, glue to wreath in clusters.

use these ideas, but use smallest craft
clothespins...Glue pin back to, and usually use 1 clothespin for head and
1 for body.
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